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Water Saver Sink

Capture water which would normally go down the drain, when washing hands, cleaning vegetables and salad ingredients, or even the warm up water in the shower.

Submerge in the bath and this water can also be reused to water the garden.



Simply catch the water before it goes down the drain, and easily water plants by pulling the plug!

The Water Saver Sink can be used by every member of the household from children to grandparents. Great as an outside or portable sink and a must for campers and caravan users.

Originally sold and marketed in Australia as the Hughie Sink, we have renamed the USA product the 'Water Saver Sink'.

The magic of the Water Saver Sink is it teaches everyone the value of water. After manually re-using water for a while, everyone in the familybegins to understand the value of water, and take shorter showers, only use the dishwasher when it is full, avoid wasting water by turning off faucets etc.

This is when a household starts saving a lot of water, and money!

Most people find the Water Savers Sink pays for itself in the first year - depending on water costs in your area.

The Water Saver Sink will fit most kitchen sinks - our measurements for the Bowl are 13" long, 10 11/16" wide, 4 11/16" deep and the outer rim is 17 5/16" x 15" and sits on top of sink.

  • USA Manufacturing September 2012
  • Product of the Year  2008
  • Finalist in the 2009 Australian International Design Award - Consumer 
  • Selected to be displayed at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Available in a selection of colors - To review and to order on line click on Products.