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Proven Water Re-use Systems at Affordable Prices


Many people believe graywater / rainwater irrigation is expensive, or difficult - and this can be the case with over-engineered systems that are unnecessarily complicated, or suit only one style of house.

This no longer has to be the case. For most houses, new or old, an entire collection, pumping and irrigation system can be bought for around $1,000.

Gravity based irrigation systems, can be bought for around $200.

In many states the payback period (including installation) can be as little as 1 year (gravity system), or 2-3 years (pumped system), and the homeowner is rewarded with significant savings every year beyond.

This means that in addition to helping the environment, homeowners can enjoy green gardens around their home while saving money, year after year..

Best Home Water Savers is a Division of Just Water Savers USA Inc.

Just Water Savers USA, a family owned company with facilities in AZ, OH and OR, is the designer and manufacturer of IrriGRAY systems and components.
Our history is out of Australia, with 10+ years experience manufacturing, selling, installing and support of over 5,000+ graywater systems.

We know what is required to save water (and money) long term.
It is not about bells and whistles.
It is about producing the most basic systems, using high quality components that simply work, every year, with minimal maintenance.

By concentrating on individual stages of graywater re-use (collect, pump, filter and irrigate) solutions can be combined to suit each home, without costing more.

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