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(Values are required in all fields, ETo and Rainfall are inches per month)

The IrriGRAY graywater irrigation coverage calculator.

IrriGRAY dripperline irrigates at over 90% efficiency due to capillary irrigation effects. If using another technique (eg branched drain - which has an efficiency of approximately 30%), The irrigated area will be much smaller.

Click here to go to our page about capillary irrigation.

California Irrigation Management Systems (CIMIS).


Recommended Websites:

Robert Kourik Books

Robert is a renowned expert in drippline irrigation. If buying one book from robert, it should be Roots Demystified.

You should also buy his Drip irrigaiton book, it explains why / how capillary irrigation works.

Owen Dell

Owen is a leading sustainability speaker in the US. His book "Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies" is a great overview of low maintenance sustainable garden practices.








IrriGRAY dripperline powered by Gravity! (no pumps required).

This video (below) shows how to install and layout a garivty drip system in just a few minutes. This example only took 10 minutes to layout, and would take about the same time in your home.

For Rainwater and Graywater.




How to connect IrriGRAY dripperline to poly supply tube using the punch tool and takeoff fittings.

Easier and faster than compression fittings, and removable for inspection too!




Our simple pump and hose kits for rainbarrels and trash cans.

Get the water where your garden needs it, without back breaking buckets and watering cans.




An example of an advanced IrriGRAY pumping system, with makeup water supply.

The graywater stubout was located 42" below ground level. The owner also required a makeup water supply for when they were away on vacation. The makeup water supply is programmed to replicate the graywater pattern.

This video shows the flexibility of the IrriGRAY pumping system.




Branched Drain graywater installation by the Watershed Management Group for Habitat for Humanity, Tucson, Arizona.

This video is not an edorsement of the installation methods used, but is a great example of the layout style and effort required for a branched drain network.

We estimate the irrigation efficiency of this network to be between 30 and 40%. 12 Volunteers spent 5 hours to complete 1/2 of the installation.




A whimsical look at how not to save water in Anaheim, California.

While we are very critical of the business responsible for this irrigaiton system, we are more concerned that members of the public had not complained to the business. The system had clearly been broken for a long time.