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IrriGRAY Technical Specification

IrriGRAY is the only complete dripperline irrigation package specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Graywater Diversion Devices.

With over 6 years use, in many thousands of installations in the tough Australian climate, IrriGRAY is proven to deliver graywater efficiently and evenly across the entire irrigation area.

IrriGRAY is now manufactured in the US, in standard US 16mm irrigation tube size.

Advantages of choosing IrriGRAY

  • Specifically designed drippers that resist clogging
  • Minimum filtration required is a low 40 Mesh (or 400 Micron)

  • Significant material and labor cost savings compared to any other graywater irrigation system
  • Eliminates the need for large graywater pumping containers
  • Minimal maintenance & servicing
  • Easy to install

How IrriGRAY works

  • IrriGRAYTM dripperlines are laid on the soil surface, covered by 2" of mulch
  • Each drip emitter has a built-in filter
  • Dripperlines are connected to the main 3/4" poly tube supply network
  • Graywater is pumped into the supply network (or gravity fed) after passing through a 40 Mesh (400 Micron) filter

Technical Specification

For graywater and potable water irrigation applications

Features & Benefits

  • Superior TurboNetTM flow regime     
  • Largest filtration area and cross section flow path on the market. Dripper is 2.2" in length. Increases clog resistance from source   
  • The position of the filter to the dripper draws cleaner water from the center of the flow path, reducing the risk of clogging


  • Dripper flow rate 2 GPH
  • Dripper spacing 12"
  • Pressure range 2 - 45 PSI
  • Tubing diameter 0.540" I.D.  16mm  O.D.
  • Tubing color - black
  • Coil Length 150'
  • UV resistant
  • Tubing Material - Low Density Polyethylene (LPDE)





Dripperline Separation


Soil Type   Separation    
Gravel and Sands 1.8 Feet
Sandy Loams 1.8 Feet
Loams 2.4 Feet
Clay Loams 2.7 Feet
Light Clays 3.0 Feet
Medium to Heavy Clays 4.5 Feet

Maximum Lateral Length

Inlet Pressure    Nominal flow Max Lateral Line Length
3' 0.7 GPH 52'
6' 0.9 GPH 56'
15' 1.4 GPH  56'
30' 1.9 GPH  59'