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Graywater Irrigation Coverage Calculator

Graywater Irrigation Coverage Calculator

IrriGRAY graywater dripperlines deliver extremely efficient irrigation rates (over 90%).

Potable water irrigation calculations determine the amount of potable water required to irrigate a certain area.

However, with graywater we know how much graywater we have, and need to determine the garden area that will most efficiently use the graywater.

This calculator provides the optimum irrigation area based on graywater production.

The following values are required:

  • ETo
  • Rainfall
  • Plant Coefficient
  • Number of people in the house
  • Gallons of graywater per person, per day


(Values are required in all fields, ETo and Rainfall are inches per month)

Dont know what ETo means? Click here for a detailed explanation of ETo, irrigation rates and the formula used in the calculator.