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Filtration after the pump

Older design water pumps could not pump solids such as hair and lint.  Most early graywater pumping systems placed filter media above the pump (top diagram).

Because water can only pass through the filter by gravity, it slows down as the filter collects solids, and the water drains via the overflow before it can pass through the filter.





New graywater capable pumps can process hair, lint and other solids with ease.

Therefore, filtration necessary for graywater dripperline irrigation can be placed AFTER the pump (bottom diagram).

Because water is pumped through the filter, instead of relying on gravity, much less graywater is lost to overflow.

By having the filter away from the pumping unit, the pumping unit can be positioned in the most suitable plumbing location.

So it doesnt matter if the pumping unit is installed subfloor, becuase the filter can be located in a more convenient and accesible location, so long as it is placed in line before the first dripperline segment.








With IrriGRAY dripperline, only 40 mesh (400 Micron) filtration is required before the graywater arrives at the dripperline / irrigaton field.

The challenge for filter designers is to make the filter big enough so that it doesn't need cleaning too often, yet without being so big it is clumsy and difficult to clean.

The IrriGRAY filter typically requires cleaning once every 1 - 2 months. It is easy to clean and takes only a minute to remove, clean and refit.

Because the filter is installed AFTER the collection / pumping system, it can be placed anywhere that is easy to access; before the irrigation network.

The IrriGRAY filter is designed specifically for IrriGRAY graywater dripperline. It should not be used for regular dripperline without adding an extra, finer, filter.

Save more water with IrriGRAY pmumping and irrigation systems.