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About Best Home Water Savers

Best Home Water Savers is a divsion of Just Water Savers USA Inc.

Just Water Savers Inc is is the market leader in affordable home rainwater and graywater irrigation systems. We do recognise that other manufacturers supply excellent water saving products, and there is a lack of quality websites combing a range of water saving products.

Please refer to our list of dealers - they have been trained in the efficient re-use of both graywater and rainwater.

You are welcome to purchase through this store, however you will likely find a local dealer can provide a more competitive price overall due to bulk shipping savings.


You will find technologies and products in our pages that were previously unheard of in the US.

Changes in irrigation dripline technology have finally made affordable home graywater irrigation systems a reality.

Our pumping and irrigation systems are very simple in design.  They are based on our Australian systems, which have gained a reputation over the years as being the most reliable, easy to operate, and above all far less expensive to install than any other commercial product. Just Water Savers USA Inc was founded by the owners of Just Water Savers Pty Ltd, an Australian company that has been specializing in water saving technologies for over 5 years.

We are the leading graywater systems manufacturer in Southern Australia, with over 4,000 pump / hose / irrigation systems sold in this time.

During 2008 we were approached by The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano, California. They had reviewed the graywater market in Australia and chose our graywater irrigation system based on price, performance, reliability and simplicity.

In the second half of 2008, we researched the emerging issue of water scarcity in the US, and came to understand the US is currently where Australia was about 10 years ago (much of Australia has been in drought for 12+ years).

We are acutely aware that many US states have not developed water infrastructure in line with population growth, and are unlikely to do so in the current economic climate. Water rationing is likely to remain an issue for many parts of the US for a long time.

During the second half of 2009, we researched and negotiated with potential barrel, pump, fittings, hose and drip line suppliers, and developed American versions of our Australian products.
Just Water Savers USA Inc. was incorporated late June 2009, with sales commencing January 2010.

Our goal for Just Water Savers USA Inc. is to provide the latest proven & affordable technology to the US. Where possible we are using US manufacturers for component supply as we believe in supporting the local economy.

A little more about our Australian operations:

Our Australian flag ship product is the 'EcoBowser'. It collects graywater from numerous household graywater sources, and automatically pumps this water into the garden via specialized graywater drip line.

Apart from being price competitive, the unique design results in installation costs being 40-70% cheaper than any other commercial system in Australia.

The majority of our Australian Customers are saving between 3,000 and 6,000 gallons per month, meaning they do not need to use any potable water for irrigation purposes.

Our Australian product range is wide ranging, from simple barrels, pump & hose kits, right through to advanced programmable multizone garden bed and lawn graywater irrigation systems.

This picture shows a representative sample of our Australian product range.