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- graywater gardening guide

Our new graywater gardening guide hailed as Greatest Graywater Gardening Guide Ever


Todd Jarvis' highly regarded blog mostly about greywater "Rainbow Water Coalition" has pronounced our graywater gardening guide the "Greatest Graywater Gardening Guide Ever!"

Todd was appointed to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Graywater Advisory Committee by the Director of DEQ, but resigned on March 31, 2010. Located in Oregon, he has been blogging frequently about greywater technologies, and attends / presents at many water symposiums around the world.

Visit his blog here: Rainbow Water Coalition

Thanks for the review Todd!

To see our guide click here. Because this is a living document (continually updated), we recommend sending a link to the guide, rather than the PDF file itself. This way your friends can always have acess to the latest information.